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In this course we will learn how to cook the most popular sweet and savoury pastry. We will have a look at the theory of pastry and get acquainted with the way ingredients work and interact with each other and will learn to cook consciously.

Knowledge you get will be enough to start your own small business and to get acquainted with the basics of bakery art, and to take a fresh look at ordinary products.

What’s in the course?


Our amazing course programme

We will have a detailed look at pastry and cook one recipe a week.

Baking utensils

Things you will never go without both in the course and life which will never be the same after the course.


We will cook different kinds of cupcakes with various fillings, Swiss meringue and chocolate Chantilly cream. We will learn what leavening agents are and we will understand that we knew nothing about flour until now.

Rum babas

We will cook real Baba Napoletano in the rum syrup. We will have a detailed look at the bakery basics: what happens to every ingredient during kneading and baking of the dough? We will find out how to determine the readiness of baked goods and what is the best way to store them.


We will get to know dairy products and cook famous cinnabons.

Herbes De Provence Crackers

We will get acquainted with the theory of fats, shortcrust pastry and cook crackers with herbs de Provence.

Quiches and tarts

We will take a look at Páte Brisée (flaky & mealy pie dough), Pâte Sucrée, Pâte Sablée and Chocolat sablée. We will cook sweet and savoury quiches and tarts.

Cheese Brioche

We will learn the theory and cook unbelievably airy cheese brioche.


We will have a look at the theory of puff pastry: every ingredient, every detail of cooking, the process of pastry freezing and differences in cooking puff pastry at home and by manufactures. We will cook incredibly lacy croissants.

Danish puff pastry

We will cook Danish puff pastry, learn the theory of Danish Pastry and play with it around.


What’s in the course?

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