Payments & Returns

Payments & Returns


Payment Methods

1. Card payment with VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Belcard using an online payment processing system “Assist Belarus”. You are offered to pay online right after you have placed an order.
2. “Assist Belarus” system accepts cards of international payment services such as VISA (all types), Master Card (including Maestro), emitted by any bank, as well as Belcard and AmericanExpress cards, as well cards issued by ASB “Belarusbank”.

If you choose to pay by card, payment processing (including input of a card number) is carried out by online payment company “Assist Belarus”, LLC using hardware and software solutions of online payment system “Assist Belarus” which has undergone international certification.

The system which secures online payments uses an encrypted protocol TLS to transmit private information from customer to server and then to the processing center. It means that the personal information of a payer (card and registration details, etc.) isn’t transferred to our online store. Its processing is absolutely secure and no one can get access to customer’s personal and bank data. Moreover, we use 3D-Secure technology which is by all means required by international payment systems VISA and MasterCard.


To pay by card you need

  1. Choose an option “pay by card online”.
  2. After pressing “Proceed to payment” button you will be redirected to the webpage of the online payment service provider responsible for payment security. Then authorization sever establishes a connection using TLS protocol and receives customer’s card details (card number, expiry date, cardholder’s name (exactly as it appears on the card), CVC2 or CVV2 which you can find on the back of your card). This payment method is absolutely confidential and secure.
  3. Your personal information and card details are entered not on our website, but on the authorized webpage of the online payment system. The access is provided through a security protocol TLS. The system also uses a technology of secure online payments Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

You can pay by cards of all types of international payment systems Visa International, MasterCard and Belcard, American Express, emitted by any bank. We recommend you to contact your bank in advance to make sure that your card can be used for e-payments.


Why is your authorization request denied?

  • Insufficient funds on your card.
  • Your card issuer or bank has disallowed internet transactions.
  • Server request has timed out.
  • You haven’t confirmed input data on payment page.
  • Incorrect data input, etc.

Depending on the reasons of authorization denial you can:

  • Contact your bank.
  • If your bank can’t solve the problem you can try to make a payment using a card issued by another bank.


Getting access to the course and after the course

  1. After you have made a payment you will receive a payment confirmation e-mail and notification that you have been enrolled in the course. We also recommend you to save the received payment confirmation e-mail.
  2. You will get access to all the materials on the very first day of the course mentioned in the schedule.
  3. All the materials of the course will be available for 14 weeks starting from the first day of the course. After this period the access will be cancelled.
  4. You will receive an e-mail notification the week before the course finishes.


Terms and conditions of payment returns

Terms and conditions of payment returns are defined in details in Public Contract. Here we outline the most important ones.

  • The Customer has the right for refund of money paid to the Contractor as an advance payment for the receipt of services under Public Contract, in the event of not provision of services hereunder.
  • The refund is made only after the completion of the course, namely, in the event of completion of 100% of assignments.
  • The refund is made only if the Customer has met all the requirements and terms and conditions of the Contractor for receiving of services and hasn’t achieved the expected result.
  • The Contractor reserves the right to decline a request of the Customer for refund.
  • The application of the Customer is considered by the Contractor within 10 (ten) working days as of the date of the receipt of the refund request from the Customer per e-mail address of the Contractor —
  • The refund is made only after the completion of the course by the Customer.
  • The Contractor reserves the right to implement changes in the terms and conditions of the agreement concerning refund terms and conditions at his/her own discretion.
  • Money is refunded to the card of the Customer if the refund request is accepted.
  • Money is refunded to the card you paid with within 30 (thirty) days depending on the card issuing bank involved.

If you have any questions please write to or contact User Support.



Still have questions?

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