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February 19th


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February 26th


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Pastronomy. Soon

Online course about modern confectionary techniques

Only in Russian now

Pralinarium. Soon

Online course about praline design for professionals

Only in Russian now


Want to know how to make create the most popular and beautiful desserts and cakes professionally? You will find out why you should use exactly this or that type of flour, the difference between types of sugar and how they affect on pastry and icing, the kinds and features of gelatin and pectin.

What do you need to perform cook like a real pastry chef? We will focus on the main basic tools and equipment and show you how it to use themworks in practice.

This knowledge will be enough to start your own small business, to understand the basics of confectionery art and to take a fresh look on at familiar ingredients from the other side.


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Our participants are from the USA, Canada, Russian, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and even from Brazil. It doesn’t matter where you live.


Student Works

Student Works

Post your works with a hashtag #lililoveme_school

Малиновое поле облаков от ученицы #lililoveme_school Мариши @marishka_pl
Когда мармелад не отпускает #Repost @sunday_woman
Experiments are continuing) Macarons ( raspberries, coffee, black currant and matcha tea with ginger). Эксперименты продолжаются:) Макаронс ( малина, кофе, чёрная смородина и чай матча с имбирем)
И разрез! Торт "Мома" ученицы #lililoveme_school Натали @lifenk
иу-пиу! А кто у меня уже успел переделать торт после моих замечаний? Мариииииночка @marisha_tur Теперь работа принята!
го величество "Климт" #klimt_cake ученицы #lililoveme_school Натали @protsenko_nat Первый раз человек муссовый торт делал! Говорит ручки дрожали, а не заметно как-то
Шоколад с цитрусовыми нотками и пряностями! Я безумно рада, что кекс так сильно понравился курсисткам и их семьям Кекс "Ривьер" от ученицы #lililoveme_school Ани @annaagarok

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